[CentOS] NOOBE help

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Wed Jun 3 20:11:04 UTC 2009

I know, I should not have to ask this question, but it appears that ALL 
my previous yum.repos.d entries have been trashed, with the only ones 
left is base, CentOS Media then the mirrors.rpmforge.reo, 
rhel-mondo.repo, rpmforge.repo, and webmin.repo.

I've been bitten by the mixing of repositories before and want to avoid 
that scenario.  Something is amok in the existing, and it throws all 
kinds of errors about something not found or such, so I'm asking some 
kind soul of they would share their working repo file structure for me?  
I *think* I have protect base, and priorities installed already, but 
will double check.  This is yet another new clean install after a 
botched attempt to recover some data from a mondo-rescue DVD which 
apparently dis some ugly things to stuff including grub.  Anyhow, my 
main items of interest would be stuff like clamav-milter, 
spamass-milter, and anything else dealing with handling spam, not to 
mention some other scientific software like udunits, perhaps Grads (if 
exists), etc.. all geared towards weather.

My humble thanks and apologies for my dumbness for not keeping good 
backups of important stuff.. it WONT happen again !

head hanging low :(


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