[CentOS] how to build php5-cgi from source

RedShift redshift at pandora.be
Fri Jun 5 19:46:43 UTC 2009

Tim Ke wrote:
> I am on an old version of Cent OS, and not able to use yum to update the 
> packages. Any way to build php-cgi executable from the php source code?
> 2009/6/6 Pintér Tibor <tibyke at tibyke.hu <mailto:tibyke at tibyke.hu>>
>     Tim Ke írta:
>      > Does anyone has experience on how to build php5-cgi from source?
>     ./configure.....
>     make
>     make install
>     t

Yes, use the instructions on http://be.php.net/manual/en/install.unix.php. When you configure php, use /usr/local as prefix (don't install to /usr, since that can possibly conflict with installed packages).

If you really are compiling manually (not using packages), be very aware of what you are doing. You can easily shoot yourself in the foot.


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