[CentOS] Intel Graphics support in future releases

RedShift redshift at pandora.be
Sat Jun 6 19:06:19 UTC 2009

Ron Blizzard wrote:
> Since my computers use built-in Intel graphics chips (which work great
> with CentOS 5.3), I've been worrying about Ubuntu's (and other
> "cutting edge" distributions) problems with these. It appears to be an
> Xorg problem. What I don't understand is why Xorg would release
> something that only half worked with a large segment of the computers
> out there. I'm also wondering how Red Hat / CentOS will handle such a
> problem -- or have they already addressed it?
> Probably shouldn't worry about a "possible" problem, but I do anyhow.

I had the same question in the back of my mind. There are some great evolutions going on right now, but they take a lot of time to mature. I've also been wondering about desktop environments, since fedora 10/11 use KDE 4, which, even 4.2, I find very low in quality compared to 3.5, how will Red Hat provide a decent desktop? (Don't remind me of Gnome, I've used it for years and I still don't like it).


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