[CentOS] GIMP 2.3.15 for EL5, no newer libs required

Radu-Cristian FOTESCU beranger5ca at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 9 07:44:39 UTC 2009


I've build a tiny repo to provide GIMP 2.3.15 (and 2.3.14 as a possible fallback) for EL5. 

GIMP 2.3.15 is the last version of GIMP that builds with no errors with the GTK+ version that ships with EL.

2.3.15 is "almost GIMP 2.4", as 2.3.19 was the last development release prior to 2.4.0. To the extent of my knowledge, Akkana Peck wrote the first edition of her book on GIMP 2.4 using a development edition 2.3.something, where "something" was not newer than 13. I therefore hope that most of the features and improvements brought by 2.4 over 2.2 are already present in 2.3.15 (or 2.3.14).

These builds are obviously not as stable as 2.2.13, nor are they patched against bugs or newer vulnerabilities. I have adapted (from Mandriva's 2.3.14 as of 2007.1) the patches for CVE-2006-4519, CVE-2007-2949 and CVE-2007-3741.

To get these builds (RPMs and SRPMs), use the repo file:

The site is not browsable, because I can't make it so (Lucian, any help?). Still, the repo should work (it worked for me).

A *few* more details here:

Please test and report if it works for you or not -- I only use a limited set of features from what GIMP can do.

Note that I have not tested any plugins, and I don't even know if xsane-gimp still works with this build.

Disclaimer: You should never use this on a production system, or else all the kittens within a range of 2 miles might die.

Thank you,

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