[CentOS] Networking Issue

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Tue Jun 9 23:55:42 UTC 2009

>I have almost this same setup running with no problems.  Make sure you
>have only one default gateway on your server defined on your Internet
>facing interface.  This should be getting assigned from the DHCP
>request to your ISP so make sure you don't have a gateway in your
>internal interface.
>As far as Asterisk crashing, that sounds like application problem
>(like Nate said) trying to communicate over the connection that was
>pulled out.  However, make sure it's listening on all interfaces
>(, or just the internal static IP,  so it's not specifically
>listening on the DHCP IP that could change or go away when the network
>cable is yanked.
>A local tcpdump or wireshark should shed some light on this problem if
>the above doesn't change anything.

That's interesting, binding it to the internal nics ip... Nate's post has
me resolved to just go in on a Saturday and sit at the console running some
tests. But with this in mind, I might be better armed for success.

I also found someone suggesting not to use the fqdn in the sip peer reg, as
he had the same issues I do.

Lots of love for Asterisk, but I may resolve to learning Freeswitch as I
am thinking the developer has fixed some long outstanding problems with
Asterisk. The ast devs would argue a robust network is required, but
core dumping when a dns query fails? WTF kind of code is that?

Thanks for the good idea!


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