[CentOS] PPPoE/ADSL configuration questions.

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Wed Jun 10 00:36:12 UTC 2009

Bill Campbell wrote:
> I am building a CentOS 5 box to ship to Houston which will be a
> gateway system on an SBC DSL connection for a while until the
> client gets a T1 installed.  I have read up on using adsl-setup
> and related software, but never done PPPoE on anything but
> LinkSys commodity boxes.  I have examined the adsl-setup script,
> and I think I understand how this works, but want to be sure I
> understand things first.

I am running a Centos 5 box as my ADSL/PPoE gateway, the ISP's box is in 
bridge mode.

I ran the system-config-network about a year ago to set this up.  I 
don't have any real records of what I did, but for example, 
/etc/ppp/chap-secret has comment lines in it that say:

####### redhat-config-network will overwrite this part!!! (begin) ##########

followed by a line wiht my account and password.

And of course there is /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0 set up 
as well.

Perhaps I did run an adsl-setup script.  That sounds kind of right.

I am running IPv6 as well and have static internal routes running for 
IPv4 and IPv6.  I run shorewall for IPv4 protection and ip6tables for IPv6.

> The box has dual 10/100/1000 NICs, eth0 for the internal LAN, and
> eth1 for the PPPoE interface, and later the T1.
> After running the adsl-setup script, answering the prompts, it
> appears that it will create an ifcfg-ppp0 interface which will
> take care of handling the eth1 interface.  It also should handle
> default route setting when the system boots, and do the initial
> setting of the /etc/resolv.conf file.  We will not be using the
> adsl package firewalling/NAT as we have our own procedures for
> this.
> This seems reasonably straightforward, but I know Murphy is
> always ready to pounce as soon as I assume anything.
> Is adsl-setup and its associated programs the best way to handle
> this on a CentOS box?
> I think that the WAN interface will appear as ppp0 when the
> system is running.
> When we move the system to the T1, is it sufficient to edit the
> ifcfg-ppp0 script setting ONBOOT=no, then do a normal
> configuration of eth1 using system-config-network?  This is
> something I will have to talk somebody through over the phone
> unless it would work to connect the DSL modem and T1 router to a
> network hub/switch with eth1 so that I could configure eth1 while
> logged in via the DSL connection, the restart the networking to
> have it bring down the DSL connection, then bring up the T1.
> What am I forgetting?
> Thanks.
> Bill

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