[CentOS] Crontabs

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 08:08:52 UTC 2009

Hey list,

I have several crontabs set up to run at night and I'm not convinced
they are running but of course, I'm not here to see for sure!
The crontabs are like the following example;

30 20 * * * sh /home/a_user/nightlyscrips/nightly_script_1 >
/home/a_user/nightlyscripts/`date +%d-%m-%Y--%H-%M-%S`.log

However, if this would have successfully ran last night I would surely
expect to see 09-06-2009--20-30-00.log in the nightlyscripts
directory? But its not there, this goes for all my cron jobs. I have
three scripts running at different times in the night all echoing out
to a log file like above so I can see how they did but a week after
setting them up and no log files exist.

The crontabs are running under root and if I copy the command and
paste it in terminal and run that from root it runs fine? I set a cron
tab up this morning just to see what happens;

35 08 * * * touch /home/a_user/test_file

This worked fine, the file was created. Whats happening to my other
cron tabs? How can I diagnose the problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

James ;)

  Version: 3.1
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