[CentOS] OT: Windows Vista Tablet PC linux alternative

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>The mentioned software by Karanbir :
>cellwriter, write letter by letter and convert this to text (like the
>old palm input)

That sounds about right. You get a textbox to write in and it will dump the
input to whatever editor you set?

>xournal, is a good replacement for onenote, but doesn't have the
>conversion handwriting to text

Don't know about Onenote. Is that part of the text input in Vista Tablet or

>one more thing, if you install CentOS, you will need to add your stylus
>manually to /etc/X11/xorg.conf, for more info go to
>worked for my Toshiba Portégé M400


This is a Fujitsu Lifebook T-series. But there is a sticker on it saying
"Penabled Wacom". It's probably the same thing as on your Toshiba.


I'll mention this to the boss and see if he's all in or not...
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