[CentOS] "Linux aux petits oignons" - Book about Linux based on CentOS 5.3 (french)

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Sat Jun 13 07:25:02 UTC 2009


The last six months, I've been busy writing "Linux aux petits oignons", 
a general introduction to GNU/Linux. The book is aimed at the beginner 
(or intermediate) reader, though :

1) it's *not* based on Ubuntu, but on CentOS 5.3
2) it doesn't shy away from explaining basic UNIX concepts
3) it favours the use of simple command-line tools

Here's the editor's page :


And here's the book on Amazon :


It's 550 pages thick, but you can (almost) read it like a novel.

Enjoy !


PS : for those who wonder, "Kiki Novak" is my pen name.

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