[CentOS] re-install over internet

Tommy Craddock tommy at hivelocity.net
Sun Jun 14 00:43:39 UTC 2009

Bob Puff wrote:
>>> John: If the DC has KVM over IP, they can connect to his box, can he
> do it with that? Lanny
> Interesting idea.  I don't think they do, but even if they did, I don't have 
> the install CD in the drive.  Is there a way to perhaps load a tiny distro 
> on /boot, reconfigure grub to load that, and then use that to do the deed? 
> I can copy the data to other nearby servers, so I'm not worried about that, 
> but I don't have the install CDs handy.  I could download something to a 
> nearby server though, if that would help.
> Bob 
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I was going to suggest that you just have them burn a CD with CentOS 5.3 
on it...all you really need is CD1 if you do a bare bones install using 
a KVM over IP. We do it for our colos if they ask.  Cant see why your 
hosting provider wouldnt, all they are out is the cost of the CD, and 
heck, who cant find a good use for a CentOS install CD?  Had a whole 
wall of the AOL free trial CDs adorning my old cubicle....said cubicle 
being @ a AOL support center.

Tommy Craddock
Hivelocity Impressive Support Dept
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