[CentOS] which programming language for server-side admin tasks

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 19:30:59 UTC 2009

David G. Mackay wrote:
>>> Also, there are several engineers at Red Hat that are very unhappy with
>>> the impact that the 3.0 release is going to have on them.
>> Yes but it has been obvious for a long time that python does not 
>> consider backwards compatibility to be important.  This shouldn't have 
>> come as a surprise.  By comparison, perl has been around longer and 
> Judging by some of the comments on the fedora-devel list, it did anyway.

Maybe some of those developers are young enough to not understand the 
history.  Or to have learned from experience that it matters.

>> One other consideration is that perl probably has the current advantage 
>> in terms of available code library modules.  Pretty much anything you 
>> can imagine doing has already been done and contributed to CPAN so often 
>> the code you have to write yourself is trivial with the modules doing 
>> the bulk of the work.  Java may be catching up in this regard but I 
>> don't think there is a central place to find available code.
> Google? ;)

How do you tell google to _not_ give you text matches that are really 
not about downloadable code modules in the language you want this week?

> I guess the real question is how well java is going to prosper under
> Oracle's ownership.  Then again, with openjdk, it might not matter too
> much.

I don't think that can become much of an issue.  On the other hand, some 
of the other interesting projects (glassfish, opengrok, etc.) might be 
more likely to go away or change.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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