[CentOS] OT - Tomcat CLASSPATH issue

Tom Brown tom at ng23.net
Tue Jun 16 13:35:59 UTC 2009

if this is ignored then fair enough as its not really the place for it 
but if anyone has seen this it would be good to know

tomcat is 6.0.18

CLASSPATH is set in /etc/sysconfig/<appname> and this IS getting used as 
_some_ configuration items are being picked up from /etc/<appname> but 
the issue is when default setting from within the webapp are not being 
overwritten by settings in /etc/<appname> ie if they are in 
/etc/<appname> and /var/lib/<appname>/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/foo 
then the webapps location wins.

If i echo the CLASSPATH during app start then /etc/<appname> comes first 
so i dont see why the values in here are not taking precedence

any thoughts?

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