[CentOS] CIFS Issue When Copying Large/Many Files From CentOS To Remote Windows 2003 Server Share

Kemp, Larry Larry.Kemp at usmetrotel.com
Thu Jun 18 13:35:21 UTC 2009

My first post to the list, hope the community can help me, I am having a problem with CIFS:VFS.

I am trying to write large files (and a lot of files) from my Cent OS 5.3 server to a remote Windows 2003 Server share. It appears there might be some incompatibilities between how the two OS's individually implement CIFS, maybe.

I automount the remote share via /etc/fstab and have the /mnt/remotewinservershare built. Everything is setup and seems to work properly but during the large file transfer (at intermittent times) the Linux Kernel seems to panic and the CIFS connection seems to fail as a result since CIFS happens at the Kernel level, returning errors. Although when I cd the /mnt/remotewinservershare dir, or ls /mnt the mount is there is I can manually cp to it with absolutely no problems.

My /etc/fstab line is:
//  /mnt/remotewinservershare   cifs    username=MYUSER,pass=MYPASSWD 0 0

The CIFS errors returned are:

WARNING:  Kernel Errors Present

     CIFS VFS: Error -4 sending data  ...:  103 Time(s)

     CIFS VFS: Unexpected lookup error -112 ...:  2 Time(s)
     CIFS VFS: Error -4 sending data  ...:  380 Time(s)

I have seen in various online forums people have run into this since 2004 and posts in 2007 have gone unanswered. Seems to be isolated to Cent OS trying to CIFS to a Windows 2003 Server when transferring large or many files (and does so intermittently).

Has anyone has hit this before and been able to fix this please share how you worked around it or fixed it. It is important for me to be able to have a stable CIFS connection to this remote Windows Server 2003 server, and we know we are not getting a look at the Windows kernel.

Big Thanks


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