[CentOS] CIFS Issue When Copying Large/Many Files From CentOS To Remote Windows 2003 Server Share

Toby Bluhm tkb at alltechmedusa.com
Thu Jun 18 16:22:45 UTC 2009

Kemp, Larry wrote:
> Mucho thanks guys...
> 1) We have disabled the antivirus for the entire drive (which is a RAID5 diskarray). I will try to have Bacula send it job to this mounted system now and see if CENT OS comes back with any CIFS errors.
> 2) I did try originally editing the /etc/fstab to mount the remote share as SMB in as many different ways that I could find online. But none seemed to work for me. It seemed to be a little bit different across Linux distros and versions, as well as SMB versions. And in the end, I simply got CIFS to work and had just not yet figured out the exact verbiage for SMB to work in /etc/fstab to mount /mnt/remotewinserver automagically at boot. I did read up on SMB as well to see if I was missing something small. If you have a combination that has worked for you Nate, please do share sir, I would be most gracious on my end...believe me. The remote sharer is a Windows 2003 Server running 2 64bit processors, but the OS was installed as 32bit for whatever reason.
> 3) Unfortunately Windows claimed the big fat HP Storage server before CENT OS could (sorry for this starting to sound like a Windows whinefest too). Having said that, Win2k3 Server runs the array already backing up all Windows servers using Backup Exec. I am ofcourse trying use CENT OS and Bacula but needed large diskspace. Had we had another array/server I could use CENT OS would have no problem running I am certain. So as a second method I am creating a VM running CENT OS and Bacula on the large S:\drive of the Windows server that has an expandable VMDK drive (VMWare). This way my CENT OS/Bacula VM can grow as big as it needs to and to CENT OS and Bacula the storage device is just natively /storage-array. At least that is one plan anyway.       
> We are also "talking about" just buying the Symantec Linux client for backups. But the original goal was to use CENT OS for this since our production systems are CENT OS.
> Okay that's everything I think. Thanks for the help thus far. 

How about getting getting them to carve out a chunk of the storage 
server through iscsi for dedicated Centos use. Would bypass most of that 
Windows share crappola.


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