[CentOS] Which external WiFi device for laptop running CentOS 5.3?

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Fri Jun 19 12:28:49 UTC 2009

David McGuffey wrote:
> Have decided to give up on the embedded Broadcom 4312 wireless device in
> my son's Dell laptop.  I get WEP open authentication to work, but
> nothing else.  I was about to dump the bcm43xx kernel module and the
> bcm43xx-microcode5.fw firmware and work with the newer b43 module and
> associated firmware.  However, he claims that at school, he has always
> had intermittent problems with wireless under Vista and wants an
> external device (USB or PCMCIA). 

For USB, you will almost for sure have to use the NDIS wrapper driver. I 
have not tried it, been shying away from it for at least a year now. I 
believe it is built into FC11, so will be part of Centos 6 at some date 
off in the future ;)

PCMCIA or miniPCI is more promising. You can use the DKMS driver (?) for 
say madwifi, and be quite satisfied with the results.

You say that the current wifi is 'builtin'. Is that on the board or a 
miniPCI? If the later, pull it out and put in something supported.

> So...if you had a clean slate, which make & model would you buy for
> mindlessly easy installation and use under CentOS 5.3?
> Dave
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