[CentOS] Does Cent OS Come With Any Kind Of Customer Portal Application(s)

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Fri Jun 19 16:50:30 UTC 2009

Kemp, Larry wrote:
> Other than coding something yourself...does Cent OS come with any kind of
> portal application(s) that would allow remote users to purchase a domain
> name through me or log in and edit their domains settings and go active in
> my DNS? Has anyone set anything like this up before using Cent OS? The
> closest thing I can think of is a Register.com, GoDaddy.com, or Load.com
> type interface that customers can do it all from one HUD-type interface. I
> realize that some minor html and branding that would need to take place to
> give it that corporate look likely. Thanks.

No, I'd be surprised if linux distro came with such a thing.

CentOS comes with all of the platform components you might
need for running such an app, but the app itself is not there.


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