[CentOS] Does Cent OS Come With Any Kind Of Customer Portal Application(s)

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> Other than coding something yourself...does Cent OS come with any
> kind of portal application(s) that would allow remote users to purchase
> a domain name through me or log in and edit their domains settings and
> go active in my DNS? Has anyone set anything like this up before using
> Cent OS? The closest thing I can think of is a Register.com,
> GoDaddy.com, or Load.com type interface that customers can do it all
> from one HUD-type interface. I realize that some minor html and
> branding that would need to take place to give it that corporate look
> likely. Thanks.

Short answer: no, long answer:

What you are looking for is some sort of 'web portal'.  This sort of
software would NOT be Cent OS specific (or really even Linux specific).
You should be able to do a Google Search for something like 'php
portal' or 'html portal' or 'perl portal' or 'cgi portal', or similar
search terms.  Virtually anything would do.  With the necessary extra
software install, a jsp or even asp portal package would work as well. 
There are some admin control panel widgets out there, but most are for
root-level administration, which is not what you want.  I would be
careful about giving your customers any sort of direct access to your
DNS database -- it is way to easy for either your customers to make
'fatal' mistakes OR for hackers to break in and intentionall wreck
things.  You might want to contact the everydns.net people -- they have
a web-based interface to their DNS database and they might be able to
give you pointers on how to do this safely.

I think some of the domain registars provide some plug and play
HTML/JavaScript code to their resellers.  This would take care of that
end of it. 

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