[CentOS] Which external WiFi device for laptop running CentOS5.3?

Julian Thomas jt at jt-mj.net
Fri Jun 19 20:55:16 UTC 2009

On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 14:31:33 -0400 fred smith wrote:
>> David McGuffey wrote:
>> > Have decided to give up on the embedded Broadcom 4312 wireless device in
>> > my son's Dell laptop.  I get WEP open authentication to work, but
>> > nothing else.  I was about to dump the bcm43xx kernel module and the
>> > bcm43xx-microcode5.fw firmware and work with the newer b43 module and
>> > associated firmware.  However, he claims that at school, he has always
>> > had intermittent problems with wireless under Vista and wants an
>> > external device (USB or PCMCIA).

Why not look at a small access point that plugs into the RJ45 and uses USB for power?  DLink DWL-G730AP or 
other equivalent.

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