[CentOS] Need to rebuild installation CD

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Jun 19 22:40:26 UTC 2009

on 6-19-2009 12:33 AM Chadley Wilson spake the following:
> Hi All,
> I would be lying if I said I am a newbie, but I am rusty so please bear with me.
> I am looking for a how-to for Redhat or Centos to remake the installation CD.
> First let me explain:
> I have an installation disc supplied to me, with centos 5.2 which has kickstart, post and pre installation scripts which run.
> The problem we have is that the CD does not support our CDROM (it8213).  I have managed to compile the driver from the sources, and I have a boot stiffy. So I have managed to load the server, the problem is that we need to load about 10 of these server every week and the Linux guru (me) is not always able to drop his work and load servers.
> I need to implement the driver on the installation CD so that the kickstart file is read and run
> Is there a way to hack around this problem?
> Can anyone guide me through this process or give me a work around please.
Have you tried a 5.3 CD to see if it has support for your cd drive?

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