[CentOS] Need to rebuild installation CD

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Jun 19 22:43:07 UTC 2009

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>>> well, you can always just give the cutomer a USB key :)
>>> - KB
>> [CW] Nope I am afraid we don't do business that way, it would be nice
>> though... unfortunately I don't get to decide...
>> Good news however I am testing my first rebuilt disc...
> [CW] Does anyone here know where on the install disc the initrd-2.6.18-92.1.22.el5.img is located?
> Is it in an rpm? which one?
> I got the cdrom driver loaded at install time with my new disc :) , so it install perfectly now, but the module is not available after install. I can't find the initrd img file and need some direction.
> I plan to dl the source rpm and patch it properly so not to worry.
> FYI - I know this is not the fun way of doing things, and I read many responses to other posts where the outcome is "But why do it that way?" there are two reasons why I am doing it the hard way. the first is for me, I want to learn how. The second is that we often have to add drivers to Linux systems to get them to install. So it is a necessary requirement for me to know how to do this.
> Your input on my above question would be greatly appreciated... TIA
The initrd's are created as part of the post section of the kernel RPM. If you
can get your driver into the kernel rpm it should get into the initrd.

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