[CentOS] Program to ban sniffers

Bob Hoffman bob at bobhoffman.com
Sun Jun 21 00:35:00 UTC 2009

So I have been reading the ssh attack thread and finally want to ask about

I doubt there is a program like this, but I would love to have a program
that listens at common ports that I do not use at all...and only allow that
program to listen to it, especially the usual ssh port (using a different
one for real ssh)...

That program would then, upon receiving a 'sniff' or 'user' would then add
that ip to the deny hosts lists..for either a long or short time.

Using this would seem like a win as you can easily grab someone before they
can get somewhere one hopes.
Also, by opening up a few other ports that are unusual like 8561....well, if
someone sniffs that it could be a 3 day ban or a month...

In other words, anyone hitting those ports that are not being used at all
except by our sniff protector, would allow instant banning.

So...does something like this exist?

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