[CentOS] Filesystem backup?

Rafał Radecki radecki.rafal at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 09:49:09 UTC 2009

Hi all. I'm currently having a following problem: I have only ssh connection
to a CentOS 5.2 system, there are two harddiscs on it. One stores the system
(/ filesystem) and the other should be used to help restore the system in
case of first disks' failure. I thought that maybe dump would be a good
utility to make it. But in only works on read-only filesystems. In one
article I've read that making a snapshot of the / filesystem (then it
wouldbe read-only) and backing it could help. But aren't snapshots limited
to logical volumes (LVM)?  My friend told me to use rsync to back up the
entire / filesystem to the second disk and then in case o failure the system
from the copy should boot ok.

Could anyone provide any suggestions? I don't have physical contact with the
machine so for example RAID 1 isn't a possible option/

Any help will be very kindly appreciated.

With regards,
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