[CentOS] link to "commercial support" page isn't really helpful

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Mon Jun 22 13:07:41 UTC 2009

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009, Les Mikesell wrote:

> Sorin Srbu wrote:
> >
> >> p.s.  let me make it clear why i'm being so obnoxious at the
> >> moment about this. a local company currently supports their
> >> software suite on linux on suse only.  they're getting more call
> >> for RH support.  i'd like to suggest they consider centos because
> >> i might get some support business out of it.  as part of their
> >> consideration, they will undoubtedly go to centos.org and poke
> >> around, and i want them to be happy with what they read there,
> >> and not be scared off.  and maybe, out of the goodness of their
> >> hearts, they'll donate to centos because they like it so
> >> *everybody* wins.
> >
> > 	With that said, any commercial company needing a linux OS with
> > paid support and that likes CentOS, should go for RHEL as a first
> > choice; CentOS is after all a clone of RHEL.
> >
> > On another track, CentOS is a very mature enterprise OS and puts
> > other similar distros to shame IMO. Overall, this is as good as it
> > gets. Like it or not.
> And there is always the issue that if Red Hat sees Centos as
> competition in the supported OS business, they will make the cloning
> and updates more difficult.

  yes, that's a good point, politically speaking and, yes, i do
understand the value of politics.  to be more accurate, it's not the
local company that would be getting into centos, so much as the
clients that run their software, so this would be a per-client

  i'm guessing that most of them would opt for the safety and support
of RHEL, but perhaps a few of the smaller ones would be happy with
centos.  as a guess, i'd suspect that what would happen would be a
nice gain for red hat, with a much smaller additional win for centos
-- small enough that it probably wouldn't even show up on RH's radar.
but, again, i'm just guessing.


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