[CentOS] link to "commercial support" page isn't really helpful

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Jun 22 19:06:04 UTC 2009

on 6-21-2009 5:28 AM Robert P. J. Day spake the following:
> On Sun, 21 Jun 2009, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> On 21/06/09 12:09, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>>>      This Section or Page is coming soon.
>>> that is *not* going to give this client any warm fuzzies.  from a
>>> promotion perspective, either that page should get some actual
>>> content, or the link should be dropped entirely.  or something.
>> That page does indeed reflect the current state of play - there is
>> *no* centos approved or recommended commercial support entity - but
>> it *is* something that is being worked on.
>   i realize that page is *technically* correct, but its wording is
> quite discouraging:
>   http://www.centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=12
> "This Section or Page is coming soon.
> "This page is a holder for Content that is not yet available for
> publication.
> "This page will not go away when the content is available, so booking
> marking it will be of no value. The URL of the link you followed will
> be updated when the real content is published."
>   even if there's no support right now, you *need* to give readers the
> unmistakable impression that it's coming, that it's a work in
> progress, that you're negotiating with potential support providers ...
> *something*.  as it is, that page can be summarized as simply
> admitting, "support?  we got nuthin'"
>   i haven't yet proposed to my client that they should consider centos
> instead of rhel but i can *guarantee* that, the instant i do, they
> will be at the centos site, checking it out, and when they hit that
> page on commercial support, that will be the end of that discussion.
> guaranteed.
> rday
> --

If they want commercial support, what is wrong with RedHat? That is what they
do. CentOS is a "community supported" enterprise distro. Most organizations
that want support usually look for an established business entity.

 Besides, paid contracts at the top of the food chain keeps the scraps
floating down to the rest of us. If RedHat ever sees CentOS as a competition,
they will surely do something to make it more difficult.

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