[CentOS] RHEL, centos and seeing if i now understand this

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>   ok, given the flurry of responses to my original post, let me see if
> i have a handle on this as i think i've finally figured it out and,
> yes, it does make sense.
>   the scenario is that there is a very large software company in the
> area whose only officially supported linux platform is currently suse.
> however, they are getting increasing call to have their product run on
> red hat.

Just about any product that will run under RHEL will also run under CentOS.

>   for most of their clients (who are fairly sizable) who will want
> official support, RHEL will be the obvious choice and the software
> company will advertise that RHEL is what they support.  the SW company
> will be happy, the clients will be happy, and red hat will be happy.
>   on the other hand, if there is the occasional client who is perhaps
> not as large, or doesn't have a budget for RHEL, centos will be the
> obvious option if they're prepared to do their own support.  that
> scenario will, i'm guessing, not be that common so red hat has nothing
> to worry about it in terms of cutting into their revenue stream in any
> significant way.

Right.  It is not a matter on 'commonness' either.  The big companies
will likely opt for official RHEL and be paying RedHat the premium
support contract.  The smaller companies will be using CentOS.

>   and, finally, for any client that chooses centos, that will
> represent a possible support contract for independent linux
> consultants.


>   sound about right?
> rday
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