[CentOS] Minor dovecot/KMail problem

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 23 13:45:41 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 23 June 2009 14:12:09 Rex Dieter wrote:
> Gary Greene wrote:
> > On 6/20/09 5:43 AM, "Timothy Murphy"
> >
> >> But I have worked out that the cause of the problem
> >> is that there exists a kind of ghost folder, "uidvalidity",
> >> which is listed among the folders on the kmail page
> >> but does not in fact seem to exist in my maildir on the server.
> >>
> >> Deleting the folder under kmail has no permanent effect;
> >> it simply re-appears when I re-start kmail.
> >>
> >> I assume the folder is listed in some way in the dovecot.index ;
> >> and my question really is: if I delete this index file
> >> will it be re-created automatically?
> >>
> >> This bug/feature seems to have been present for years,
> >> which I suppose is par for KDE.
> Years?  Bugs filed?  If so, where?
> Could very well simply be a bug in dovecot and/or incompatibility between
> dovecot/kmail.
I've been using kmail+dovecot for around 3 years now and never seen this ghost 
folder, so presumably there is some other influence at work.

Index files do get recreated automatically in kmail - but I thought Gary said 
that uidvalidity is listed among kmail folders?  Index files are not listed 
among folders.  

Gary - what have you done in the way of trying to locate this folder?  Have 
you looked anywhere other than maildir?  'uidvalidity' sounds to me as though 
it might belong to an authentication scheme?

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