[CentOS] Minor dovecot/KMail problem

Gary Greene ggreene at minervanetworks.com
Tue Jun 23 22:32:54 UTC 2009

On 6/23/09 2:37 PM, "Kevin Kofler" <kevin.kofler at chello.at> wrote:
> Gary Greene wrote:
>> Debian patches the hell out of KDE, and so do most other distros, this bug
>> should not be called a "KDE" bug unless you've completely verified with
>> vanilla source and have fully analyzed the code paths to assure that it
>> isn't a distribution patch that screwed the pooch.
> Huh? This bug has been seen on at least 2 different distributions (Debian
> and Fedora). There's no evidence at all of this being caused by a
> distribution patch, so until/unless evidence to the contrary is provided,
> this has to be assumed to be an upstream bug.

I again reiterate: have you tested this on a vanilla installation of KDE?
Don't assume its an upstream bug until you have verified it by getting the
upstream sources and testing it. As I said, most distributions patch KDE
pretty heavily with vendor and community patches, some of which change
behaviours (both defaults and code) from the expected ones from the

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