[CentOS] Web photo gallery options

Greg Bailey gbailey at lxpro.com
Wed Jun 24 15:03:07 UTC 2009

Sorin Srbu wrote:

> What web photo gallery software do you guys use?
> My requirements are only that the software should be simple to install,
> maintain and add more photos. I'm not a pro (a newbie more like it...) when
> it comes to mysql and php, so this needs to be easy to do as well, from the
> gallery standpoint.

I've used PHPix2 for quite a long time now.  I like it because there's 
no requirement for SQL and you can basically upload the original images 
straight from the camera to a directory tree.  PHPix2 then lets the user 
view pictures in a variety of resolutions, with forward/previous 
thumbnails, album descriptions, etc.  It's easy to maintain backup 
copies because it's just a regular directory tree.  Downside is it 
hasn't been updated in awhile, but it may fit your needs...

More at:  http://phpix2.sourceforge.net


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