[CentOS] Web photo gallery options

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Wed Jun 24 16:09:35 UTC 2009

Sorin Srbu wrote:

> My requirements are only that the software should be simple to install,
> maintain and add more photos. I'm not a pro (a newbie more like it...) when
> it comes to mysql and php, so this needs to be easy to do as well, from the
> gallery standpoint.

I like gallery v1 myself and have used it for years. I tried gallery
v2 but it was too complicated to use(and hated the themes it came with
I just wanted something plain), I just wanted something
simple. It doesn't use a (SQL) DB, it does do auto resizing of
pictures when you upload them.

my gallery site is http://gallery.aphroland.org/


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