[CentOS] Secure mail login problem

Bob Hoffman

bob at bobhoffman.com
Thu Jun 25 21:38:06 UTC 2009

Hi all,
Finally got around to making sendmail and dovecot use a secure log in
procedure on my server.
Now when I open up outlook it goes through a secure log in.
Unfortunately, I am using my own self signed cert on the server for this.

Hence, I get, for every single account, everytime I open up outlook a
warning about untrusted cert.

I have looked around and found a spot in IE to 'import' a cert of some
kind...and this would seem like the way to make it work.

I am unsure exactly what I am supposed to copy or run on the server to then
save to my home computer to then add to the 'import' part.

For sendmail I made a sendmail.pem and dovecot already came installed with
its cert.

It is annoying to have the warnings everytime I open outlook up and if
anyone has experience with this stuff I would not mind a quick helping hand.

Thanks all.


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