[CentOS] 2 servers cluster

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Sat Jun 27 05:09:32 UTC 2009

Do you want the servers on the same subnet or different
Do you want them geographically separated?
What services will the servers run?  
Httpd, database, etc.?

There is a project called Linux Virtual Server:
that might be interesting for you to take a look at.

Also, we needed something that would allow us to 
have an e-commerce site that used servers in two
separate geographic data rooms.  We wanted both 
databases to be live allow the system to run
even if one datacenter was unavailable.  The 
solutions from Oracle, etc. were too expensive 
so we wrote our own.  We could adapt that to your
project if you need.


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I am thinking of setting up two servers in load balance mode. I would really
appreciate your suggestions and hints...


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