[CentOS] External USB Drive partitioning, formatting and configuring Bacula server

Sagar Koirala sagar.koirala at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 04:36:34 UTC 2009

Thanks for your help Sean, did all the steps you mentioned. One thing
I don't understand, when partitions are created, why does Linux number
it awkwardly? For example, I created 1 Primary partition of 10% disk,
then created 1 Extended partition of 90% disk. Inside that extended
partition, I created 3 logical partitions 33% each. It went numbering
sdb1, sdb5, sdb6 and sdb7. Where's the hell 2,3 and 4? Anyways, I've
got my partitions now and formatted them so, it's all good.

Thanks for your help with this. Next, as I went through Bacula's
pages, I found that they mostly use tape drives for
backup....ugh.......how can I use my usb partitions with Bacula? Any

Thanks again!
Cheers :)

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