[CentOS] CentOS and Redhat Directory Server

Giovanni Torres torresgi at ninds.nih.gov
Mon Jun 29 15:29:51 UTC 2009

I have implemented LDAP on CentOS successfully using Redhat's Directory 
Server and the great how-to on the CentOS wiki.

Being new to LDAP, I have a question and maybe one of you guys can point 
me in the right direction:  I have LDAP implemented on the network for 
logins to the workstation pcs.  I also have an apache website that I now 
use LDAP for authentication.  What I want, however, is to be able to 
allow a group of users to authenticate to the apache website, but not be 
able to login to any of the systems directly nor via ssh.

Any suggestions or pointers in the right direction on where to read up 
on how to accomplish this specific task would be much appreciated.


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