[CentOS] Dag's comment at linuxtag

Linux Advocate linuxhousedn at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 30 04:27:34 UTC 2009

beranger5ca at yahoo.com...  , u have a problem with dag...and now it looks like u have a problem with linus torvalds himself.... u talk abt the need for cooperation,etc.... but you apparently dont get that 'you have to give respect to get respect' & 'give cooperation to get cooperation'

relax bro.

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> > led to the great compiler we have today.  The same
> > would hold for any large project (the kernel, firefox, etc.)
> And... are you happy with the quality of the huge $h1t which
> is Firefox? Because I am not.
> As for the Linux kernel, they pushed in all kind of crap. 
> Back in 1996, I was running Linux with X in only 8 Megs of RAM!
> Now, I doubt I could even boot with such a memory...
> Linux is not like Jesus. Linux is not "good", nor "great".
> It's only "much less worse" than Windows, and marginally
> better than the BSDs. 
> Of course, it's open source and so on. But it's a huge crap
> like everything that's software nowadays.
> > I fail to see why tens of micro repos are easier
> > to maintain consistent than a large one. 
> They're not. But at least you don't have to make people
> get along. 
> > > 7,600 packages is really too much for a couple of
> > people to
> > > maintain. Unless it's scaled *down*...
> > 
> > ...or scale the maintainers up.
> Still, 7,600 is unmaintainable. For their ~20k packages,
> both Debian and Ubuntu use dozens and dozens of packages.
> (And I won't mention the quality of Ubuntu's packages.)
> As for TUV, they decided they can only support ~2.5k packages,
> regardless of the fact that they're the #1 Linux company.
> I maintain that RF is way too large to be properly maintainable.


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