[CentOS] Dag's comment at linuxtag

Radu-Cristian FOTESCU beranger5ca at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 30 16:05:45 UTC 2009

> yes, perhaps the english language is alien to you - the
> word 'testing' means something, there is a reason why 
> those packages are there in 'testing' - people who 
> dont know what they are doing are recommended to 
> NOT use them.

Karanbir, I've always 'appreciated' you being such a 'nice'
person and giving so 'detailed insights' on this list, that
I'm so tempted to give a politically-incorrect reply...

Otherwise, I am using CentOS *despite* you being a member
of the team. (Not that anyone would care.)

OTOH, it's such an accomplishment to have *all* the packages
in "testing" since 2007 and none of them passing the QA


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