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Linux Advocate linuxhousedn at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 30 18:19:56 UTC 2009

david, could u tell me how to build frm SRPMS. i m not good in this area and would like to improve.

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> Niki Kovacs napsal(a):
> > Well, no flame intended. So let me just add this. I'm a happy RPMForge 
> > repo user. No other third-party repos. I've learned how to circumvent 
> > the odd quirks in the repo (like: how do I use VLC and Audacity at the 
> > same time). And if a package is not in RPMForge (which happens, but 
> > rarely), well, I grab the SRPM and build it myself. I also have a small 
> > repo, but only for private use, so replication is easy.
> Niki, I'm at the very same point. Only rpmforge and my repos user.
> David
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