[CentOS] Dag's comment at linuxtag

Radu-Cristian FOTESCU beranger5ca at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 30 20:59:42 UTC 2009

> Where did you see the QA requirements for the packages
> in c.k.o ? 

I didn't. But since you say that there is a reason for
them to be in "testing", I then assumed the reason was
"testing". But then, the activity usually called "testing"
is part of a process usually called Quality Assurance.

But hey, maybe I am way to stupid to match your geniality!

> Also, why are you ignoring what has already 
> been said to you about the repo and the target 
> audience its aimed at ?

*What* exactly has been said and by whom?
I only saw you inferring what it's *not* aimed at:
people who don't like things in "testing".

As I said, and as everyone on this list knows: 
KB is not a person to talk with. Usually, KB would
throw offensive assertion to people. No matter 
what KB would say, and no matter how important is
KB to the CentOS project, a quick search through 
the centos ML archives would show that KB is not 
someone easy to deal with.

Probably I should stop posting to this list. I only
mentioned KB's repo in the context of packages 
staying in "testing" for years. 


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