[CentOS] Postfix smtp_recipient_restrictions causing mail to fail

Ned Slider ned at unixmail.co.uk
Fri Mar 13 11:07:18 UTC 2009

Logan Moore wrote:
> Logan Moore wrote:

>>>> Can anybody see where I've gone wrong. I can't fathom why this would 
>>>> block all incoming emails from the web.
>>>> smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
>>>>      permit_mynetworks,
>>>>      permit_sasl_authenticated,
>>>>      reject_invalid_hostname,
>>>>      reject_non_fqdn_hostname,
>>>>      reject_non_fqdn_sender,
>>>>      reject_non_fqdn_recipient,
>>>>      reject_unknown_sender_domain,
>>>>      reject_unknown_recipient_domain,
>>>>      reject_rbl_client zen.spamhaus.org,
>>>>      permit


> Thanks, I 
> think posting to the list helped. I probably would have given up and put 
> it off until later otherwise.

Looks like you've already solved your problem. Just for reference, 
there's a postfix restrictions page on the Wiki that works nicely:


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