[CentOS] php 5.2

Melinda Odom info at designhosting.biz
Mon Mar 16 02:06:16 UTC 2009


I am running centos 5 with php 5.1.6-20 and mysql 5.0.45-7.el5 on a
production server running a lot of ecommerce stores.

The future next versions of these stores all are requiring php 5.2 at
least.  I don't want any problems with the ecommerce stores I have now
with php 5.1.6-20 so don't know what to do.

With the next version of one store I will need php 5.2 plus MySQLi
extension. Another store version I will need only php 5.2.

I found several posts last night about php 5.2 never being in centos 5
because redhat wouldn't support centos.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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