[CentOS] Bug with cron ?

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 20 10:09:24 UTC 2009

From: MOKRANI Rachid <Rachid.MOKRANI at ifp.fr>
> Something is strange on my system. I have a simple shell script to run
> on many computers . When I run this script by hand, everything works
> fine on all workstations.
> But if I start this script via crontab vmplayer is never install with no
> errors.
> #/usr/bin/yum -e 0 -d 0 -y remove VMware-Player.x86_64
> #/usr/bin/yum -e 0 -d 0 -y install VMware-Player-2.5.1-126130.x86_64
> #/usr/bin/vmware-networks --stop
> #/usr/bin/vmware-networks --migrate-network-settings
> /vmware/virtualmachine
> #/usr/bin/vmware-networks --start
> #/sbin/chkconfig --level 345 vmware on

When you say "I run this script by hand", do you mean run the script itself or each line of the script as you showed above?
Did you try to redirect stdout/stderr to files to see what is going on?



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