[CentOS] 64bit Python 32bit c library ...

Ben abnormaliti at clivepeeters.com.au
Fri Mar 27 06:22:58 UTC 2009

Mark Pryor wrote:
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>> I have a closed-source 32bit
>> database application running on a 64bit 
>> CentOS 5.2 system which is running very well however i am
>> looking at 
>> developing some python applications that require access to
>> the data and 
>> the vendor only provides a 32bit c library.
>> So while attempting to utilize the library in python with
>> ctypes it 
>> became obvious that the 64bit python cannot use the 32bit c
>> library.
>> So what are my choices?
> Yum and so many of the applets (system-config-*) are tied to Python that you can't mess with the base version or arch of Python.
> What about a 32 bit chroot using Mock? I've never done it, but that's what Mock is intended to do.
> Perl.i386 will run OK in x86_64 and there is a version of perl-Inline-CPP that will allow you to write most of what you want in CPP and wrap it with Perl.

I am afraid we are stuck with Python.  A considerable amount of the work 
has already been done but it has been developed on a 32bit system and it 
wasn't until early testing revealed our 64bit issue.  One of the primary 
objectives is to develop a SOAP interface to the application and that 
has also been started using TurboGears.

The vendor has offered to port the library to 64bit for a 5 figure amount.


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