[CentOS] Installing Cent OS from a usb flash drive

Jimmy Bradley bmobile40 at ocellaris.net
Tue Mar 31 02:50:06 UTC 2009

      I recently acquired a Fujitsu Lifebook 1610. Unfortunately, the
machine was missing a lot of the stuff that would've come with it brand
new, mainly the usb cdrom drive.
      Currently, I'm running Fedora on it, and I installed it using a
usb flash drive with the help of a program called unetbootin(Probably
not spelled right). to load the ISO onto the USB drive. I've
successfully used the same program to load the Cent OS live cd onto a
flash drive, and I've run it on the machine.
      Now, is there a way that I can install cent os onto the machine by
way of the usb flash drive? I've tried the network install route, and
didn't have any luck.



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