[CentOS] Centos 5.x SElinux issues

Wed Mar 4 19:09:29 UTC 2009
Chuck Campbell <campbell at accelinc.com>

I did a complete clean install of CentOS 5 from CD yesterday.
I took the default selinux configuration.

After that I ran yum update and found 600 plus updates and installs.
I let it go to do the updates and during that process I saw a large number of 
issues in the selinux troubleshooter.

I also see these kinds of things in /var/log/messages:

**Unmatched Entries** (Only first 10 out of 49031 are printed)
  audit: audit_backlog=262 > audit_backlog_limit=256
  audit: audit_lost=1 audit_rate_limit=0 audit_backlog_limit=256
  audit: backlog limit exceeded
  audit: audit_backlog=262 > audit_backlog_limit=256
  audit: audit_lost=2 audit_rate_limit=0 audit_backlog_limit=256
  audit: backlog limit exceeded

This makes me wonder if I've now got a corrupt system because of partial
installs/upgrades on a number of packages ?

Do I need to start over with a clean install again, and how do I avoid this
problem the next time I try to run updates after the install?


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