[CentOS] How to setup a "secondary DNS server" pulling zones from Win2k3?

Thu Mar 5 08:22:30 UTC 2009
Alexander Farber <alexander.farber at gmail.com>


we have a mixed environment at work: CentOS + Win2003 servers.
The Win2k3 part contains: AD, DNS (inlc. dyndns), DHCP, DFS, Exchange.
The CentOS part: NIS passwords + also a DNS server.

So currently we have to update the Linux DNS server
zone infos by hand: I export a text file from
Windows DNS server and then edit it around using vim.

On the Windows side however it's easy for me to setup
additional DNS servers at other machines: I just configure
them as "secondary" and they pull zone infos automatically.

I wonder if there is a way to setup such a "secondary" DNS
server under CentOS as well?

And no, I'm not asking about how to setup a DNS-forwarder.
(Because I want the Linux server to pull and maintain zone infos
automatically and to work even if Windows-counterpart is down.)