[CentOS] Easiest way to get samba up and working for Windows users?

Thu Mar 5 19:57:00 UTC 2009
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 2-23-2009 10:53 AM Noob Centos Admin spake the following:
> Everytime I have to setup samba to handle Windows users, sometime
> inadvertently goes wrong or doesn't work the way I expected, or takes
> forever to setup, especially when there are many users and various
> policies. So far, the easiest, sureest and quickest method appears to be
> install WindowsXP into VMWare and use it to handle Windows sharing.
> Needless to say, this strucks me as rather ironic and stupid.
> Thus could anybody please suggest a working frontend to samba that makes
> it easy to add users, set their permissions and get something that works
> like basic windows file sharing?
> So far I've tried the following which all don't quite work.
> 1. CentOS's samba configuration tool
> - added users never show up on the share configuration so the only
> shares it could create was for public access.
> 2. Webmin
> - thinks it added the users, but again they never show up when checked
> against the bundled CentOS tool and needless to say, the shares never
> work too
Webmin does work, as I use it all the time to add users. You have to make sure
that the user module has the option "Create and update in other modules" set
to yes. I think it defaults to no.
> 3. Samba SWAT
> - Very confusing tool, selecting shares sometimes end up as another
> share, and again, doesn't seem to work.
> So I just need a very basic tool that will reliably allow me to do the
> following
> - specify user name, specify password, and maybe specify a group
> - specify a share the user or group has read only or read/write access
> - force new files/folders to take on group ID so that it behaves like a
> normal windows share

Learn to use a file editor and edit the configs yourself. That is the only way
to have the best control. Once you have a working config, copy and modify it
for the next share.
> Don't need print services or anything, it's just far easier to dump a
> hardware print server into the network than to contemplate the
> additional complexity of making something like CUPS work.
> Just need to make sure that the Windows users can browse to the folders,
> get a prompt for their login and password where needed.
> Thanks!

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