[CentOS] general protection rip?

Fri Mar 6 14:59:21 UTC 2009
J Potter <jpotter-centos at codepuppy.com>

Hi List,

On one of our CentOS 5 (x64_86) servers, identical to a number of  
other systems, I'm seeing some processes / services failing to run,  
along with the following error in /var/log/messages:

	Mar  2 23:25:07 someHostname kernel: wrapper-linux-x[24448] general  
protection rip:805386e rsp:ffc20390 error:0
	Mar  2 23:25:09 someHostname kernel: dsm_sa_datamgr3[5063] general  
protection rip:f7f86e7c rsp:f5aab30c error:0
	Mar  3 09:57:54 someHostname kernel: dcecfg32[1993] general  
protection rip:b9c71a rsp:ffa20568 error:0
	Mar 6 09:38:59 someHostname kernel: omreport[15107] general  
protection rip:af597a rsp:ffdccad0 error:0

I've Googled a bit, but don't see any clear consistent explanation.  
Does anyone have any pointers as to what is causing this? Faulty  
hardware? I ran memtester, but it didn't find any issue with the  
memory it was able to test.