[CentOS] How to get usb storage under /media in runlevel 3?

Tue Mar 17 17:14:39 UTC 2009
Kimmo Koivisto <koippa at gmail.com>


I have previously used Centos 4.x in runlevel 3, when I plug in my usb
storage device/cd in cd-rom, it is shown under /media, for example

Now in Centos 5.2, when I insert usb storage device, nothing is shown
under /media (runlevel 3). When I have runlevel 5 and X running, usb
stick / cdrom is automounted fine.

I can mount the stick using /dev/xxx device, but would prefer if:

a) cdrom and usb-stick would appear under /media automatically and I
could manually mount it
b) cdrom and usb-stick would be automounted when inserted (like in runlevel 5).

Any ideas, how to accomplish (a) or (b)?

Kimmo Koivisto