[CentOS] connecting 2 servers using an FC card via iSCSI

Wed Mar 18 22:14:29 UTC 2009
Erick Perez <eaperezh at gmail.com>

Hi there,
I have one server acting as a iscsi target running windows storage server r2
sp2 and the other server is running centos as an initiator. They are
connected to a switch over a 1Gbit ethernet connection. the target is a Dell
NF600 and the server running centos is a Poweredge R900.
We want to move this configuration to a FC based installation using a Dell
QLE2462 HBA (this is the hba we can get here).

So, i would like to ask before i make a mistake..... :)

If I purchase an ethernet fiber switch and add a Dell QLE2462 HBA to both
servers and connect the servers to this ethernet switch, will I be able to
use this configuration as iscsi target/initiator?
will i be able to add a new server (initiator) to this configuration?

or the whole thing is totally impossible?

Erick Perez
Cel +(507) 6675-5083
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