[CentOS] fetchmail SSL protoco; issue

Sat Mar 21 16:03:49 UTC 2009
Louis Lagendijk <louis at lagendijk.xs4all.nl>

I am using fetchmail to collect mail from some secondary mail accounts,
among which is hotmail.
So far I have used hotwayd to fetch the mail from hotmail using
httpmail. Hotmail now supports pop3 access, so I decided to change
fetchnail to fetch the mail directly over pop3.

This works, but whatever I try, I get an error message when I run

Invalid SSL protocol 'SSLv23' specified, using default (SSLv23).
Invalid SSL protocol '' specified, using default (SSLv23).

The relevant part of my .fetchmailrc is included below (userids and
password changed for privacy reasons :-)

poll pop3.live.com port 995 proto pop3
user xxxxx at hotmail.com password yyyyyy no keep ssl sslproto ssl23
fetchall to myuserid

The error message remains almost the same when I remove the sslproto
option, only the second line is printed

My mail is correctly fetched however. 
For gmail I use the same setup, but do not get any errors there.
Anybody got this working WITHOUT error messages? What am I doing wrong?