[CentOS] Getting ready for CentOS 5.4

Mon Mar 23 11:46:49 UTC 2009
mbneto <mbneto at gmail.com>


Since the release of CentOS 5.3 is imminent(?) I'd like to ask a question
regarding why did it took so long to be released and, more important,
suggest some actions in order to reduce this time if I can assume what
caused this delay.

First I'd like to make sure I am not complaining about this delay between
the RHEL and CentOS releases per se.  I did not help in any way to make it
happen faster and usually I don't mind having a three weeks gap between
them.   But I've noticed that we had two security related kernel updates
from RHEL since the RHEL 5.3 release and there is no word on when it will be
released or why is it taking so long.

I can only assume that this delay is caused by lack of the necessary human

So, if this is really the case I'd suggest making some sort of campaign to
raise money and provide the necessary resources in order to speed things
up.  If RH maintains the 4-6 month schedule it can happen again in less than
three months.

If this is not the case as a suggestion please let the community know what's
going on.  Perhaps an automated email sent to the mailing list with today's
status (like 400 packages left to rebase, 20 packages being reviewed by QA
etc) would give a sense of progress, let the others know if you hit problems
and reduce the anxiety with daily doses of news :)

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